ACBF Mission in Ethiopia


Bank:                      Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft eG
Recipient:              All Christian Believers Fellowship
Bank Account:       40 50 11 680
Bank Code:          520 604 10


Please always specify "SaKiKiMi" on the transfer!

What is it about SaKiKiMi?

more than tausands Street Kids live every day in Ethiopia, barefoot, without home and future.

SaKiKiMi is a Project of ACBF e.V. which support streetkids in Ethiopia.

Our most important workareas are:

  • to feed the Children
  • Rehabilitation of Streetkids
  • to help them to find their relatives or physical parents
  • to help to integrate them into family care
  • to build a future through school, education and work
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