Today ACBF is well known as a sweeping, affectionate, well mixed church that is led by the Holy Spirit.


But actually it started with about 16 people and the love to God. At that time the circle was led by Pastor Anthony Kwabena Agyei who was a student.

May 1997:
Samuel Turkson met Pastor Anthony Kwabena Agyei at his first day in Germany.
Samuel Turkson's main objective also was to study here at the technical university.

After Pastor Agyei successfully completed his studies he went back home to Ghana.
His assistent Kwasi Preko took over the leadership of the continually growing fellowship.

Pastor Samuel Turkson was appointed as assistant leader.

July 29th 1998:
ACBF was officially registered as association.

After completing his studies Pastor Preko also responded to the call back home.
From that time on Pastor Turkson took over the leadership as a part-time pastor.

November 1999:
our international Pentecostal church publicly met in the community center Maria Magdalena.
We shared the building with a protestant and Catholic Church. In the meantime this small
meeting grew into a church service of about 180 members and visitors coming from 25 different
countries. Every Sunday/Saturday this mixed people of God meets for a living service.
September 2005:
our church did another step and became a member of BFP (= APFC: Alliance of the Pentecostal Free Chruches public corporation).
Pastor Samuel Turkson also completed his studies successfully, but he didn't choose the way
back home but he took over the responsibility of becoming the main pastor of ACBF.

For the election for the advisory board for foreigners Pastor Turkson was both nominated and elected.
In the meantime our church left the community center and by now is meeting at Gottesauer Straße 24
(entrance Sommerstraße), 76131 Karlsruhe.

Since 2010:
Pastor Turkson is a elected member of the Migrationsbeirat of the city Karlsruhe. 

+++ Service english/german sundays 10:00am +++        +++ Service russian/german Saturday 6:00pm +++        +++ Service french/german to be announced ... +++